M10 Simagic Base Direct Drive

M10 Simagic Base Direct Drive

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Simagic M10 is the ideal Direct Drive Steering Wheel to compete in advanced Sim Racing. Thanks to the 3-step servo motor in combination with the 3 advanced Force Feedback control CPUs you will be able to perceive every single sensation you get when driving a car.

  • Technical features

    Simagic M10 direct drive takes advanced driving simulation to a new level of accessibility.
    The Simagic M10 is equipped with a 10 Nm three-phase motor, designed by Simagic. This motor is a 3-phase motor, which means it is capable of delivering power and precision in any situation .
    In addition, the engine has been optimized to run as smoothly and smoothly as possible. Which results in a real and natural feeling in driving the car.
    The housing of the Simagic M10 has been made of aluminum finished with carbon fiber plates on the front and rear.
    Get to know what it's like to drive with a direct drive steering wheel and become a new Simagic customer too!
    • 10 Nm base
    • CNC anodized aluminum housing, with carbon fiber front and rear panels.
    • Three-phase Servo Motor, designed by Simagic
      PC only (so no PS4 or Xbox One)
    • Refresh rate: 1,000 Hz for buttons, 40,000 Hz for force feedback
    • Race Manager software (once the order is confirmed it will be sent to you by email)
    • Simagic M10 base
    • 220V EU socket adapter + cable
    • USB-B cable
    • Mounting brackets + mounting kit
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